The Principle of Consequence - Dave Burn28th May 2017
Hi guys - here's a quick update on things...

So, my plan at the back end of last year was to record and album with vocals - yes honestly - with some sing-a-long type songs! I know, shocking isn't it!

Anyway, I managed to mess up my knee and have been laid up for a few months, so instead of wasting time and because I couldn't sort things out with vocals I decided to record an album without vocals... sorry and all that!

Here is the incredible artwork from my dear friend Tristan Greatrex to the album No One Gets Out Alive, and below is a link to a video I recorded for the opening track Kick The System.
No-One Gets Out Alive - Dave Burn The release date is 29th July and I will update soon with track details and some clips etc.
Have a great Summer and stay safe.
Keep on Rockin'

15th December 2016
Hi all - again I must apologise for the lack of communication thru this past year but I've been recording for two projects with a couple of big names pretty much solid all year. I can't divulge much on either project until they are due for release but I can say I'm very excited by the prospect of them both being released and one of them is not in my normal realm! Haha, tease tease!

So other thanĀ  a couple of gigs with my partners in crime, Mark, Tony & Andy from PRP and our good friend Andrew Fitzsimons, lead guitarist from the band Drudge, which were a total blast, (I love working with these guys!) I've been sat in my studio most of the year. I have some new material for a solo album and some other material for a co-written album which will be next year's work hopefully. Also I hope to be out gigging more this coming year!


The Principle of Consequence - Dave Burn16th March 2016
Hi all - apologies for the lack of activity on here but I've been stuck in my studio finishing off my latest album, and not seen much daylight since August, ha!
Anyway, I hope the start of the year is being good to you! I'm quite excited about getting this album out there, and for you to hear it. There are some rockers, some ballads, and some odd things on there, so hopefully something for every taste and I hope you'll enjoy it.
You can listen to the album (and buy it!) at this link.
Keep on Rockin' and hopefully I'll see some of you out there on the road later in the year!
All the best

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