26th January 2024

Hi all, very sorry for the silence since 2021 but Covid and Family issues brought things to a rapid halt.
This year marks 50 years since I began to play guitar, so I’m hoping the album Lee Small and I are currently working on will be released by the end of the year. I’m also hoping to do some gigs - however, I have a trapped nerve in my left shoulder for the last 18 months which has impaired my ability to play. Hopefully that will get sorted soon!
I wish you all a good year,
My Best to You.

17th May 2021

Hi folks!
It’s almost a year since my last update… sincere apologies but there’s been this virus thing happening. I hope you're all keeping safe and well!
So, my album is finished, the lockdown has delayed the process several times, but we’re almost there.

We have a tentative release date of June 1st, which I’ll confirm asap.

It will be available through Amazon worldwide and digitally through Amazon,  iTunes, Spotify, Deezer and the like.
Dave Burn - Nothing Is As It Seems I must thank all involved. Lee has done a stunning job on vocals. Tris has not only done his incredible artwork (this one is outstanding!) but he’s pretty much managed things since summer. Thank you so much my friend, I couldn’t have got this done without you. Thanks also to

Rich Ward, Erika Wallberg, Emili Muraki, Gordon Armstrong for their superb photos. And not forgetting the ever-present, or at least it seems like that, mistress of the web, K!


I’ll update the release date and any other info I may have asap.


I hope you like the finished product.


Dave Burn - Nothing Is As It Seems
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