The natural finish V has been with me the longest and has a great feel to it - it's so easy to play!

Dave Burn I use the Strat a lot and the white V. I bought it because it just looks so damn good, it now has a twin! - and the Les Pauls. The honey-coloured one I fell in love with when I saw it. I went into the shop for over 6 months before I even played it, and as soon as I picked it up... I bought it!
The Iced Tea was a long-term yearning for me, as far as standard Les Pauls the Iced Tea is, for me, the ultimate guitar - the look, the feel, the sound, simply the best there is. The Korina one is very special, it was a gift from my parents after a tough year in 2002 - an amazing surprise as it's a one off!

Dave Burn The SG is a VSO from Gibson, which again is a superb instrument.
My acoustic is a Taylor A11, that is played every day, morning and night. I also own a Taylor C414. The Ibanez JS model I bought as I want all my guitars to have their own sound, and that certainly has a sound of its own.

Dave Burn I bought a Dean Michael Schenker V in 2013, more of a toy for me as I'd never gig with it but it's nice to have.
Gear wise, I record all my albums plugged straight into my Marshall JVM410h Head or my Marshall 6100, which is a monster amp - I wouldn't use anything other than Marshall.
Dave Burn The Ibanez twin-neck is a guitar I always wanted and managed to pick this one up a few years ago. The mandolin is a cheap one I bought to use on The Woodcutter's Tale album, learned the chords for that then promptly forgot them straight after! The bass is a Yamaha which I've recently upgraded to a Fender Jazz.

Dave Burn
The keyboard is for strings etc. I'm no keys player though! I also use BFD 3 for drums which has killer sounds.

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