15th December 2016

Hi all - again I must apologise for the lack of communication thru this past year but I've been recording for two projects with a couple of big names pretty much solid all year. I can't divulge much on either project until they are due for release but I can say I'm very excited by the prospect of them both being released and one of them is not in my normal realm! Haha, tease tease!

So other than  a couple of gigs with my partners in crime, Mark, Tony & Andy from PRP and our good friend Andrew Fitzsimons, lead guitarist from the band Drudge, which were a total blast, (I love working with these guys!) I've been sat in my studio most of the year. I have some new material for a solo album and some other material for a co-written album which will be next year's work hopefully. Also I hope to be out gigging more this coming year!


The Principle of Consequence - Dave Burn16th March 2016
Hi all - apologies for the lack of activity on here but I've been stuck in my studio finishing off my latest album, and not seen much daylight since August, ha!
Anyway, I hope the start of the year is being good to you! I'm quite excited about getting this album out there, and for you to hear it. There are some rockers, some ballads, and some odd things on there, so hopefully something for every taste and I hope you'll enjoy it.
You can listen to the album (and buy it!) at this link.
Keep on Rockin' and hopefully I'll see some of you out there on the road later in the year!
All the best

30th September 2015
Hi folks - we had a superb rehearsal weekend down in Wolverhampton on 15th and 16th August, and also a very pleasant night out on the Saturday. The great thing for me is the band atmosphere and chemistry - we get on so well and laugh all of the time, well, except for all the hard work that goes into it haha! It didn't take long for everything to gel and it was nice to blow away the cobwebs!
On 5th September I was over in Workington playing the end of summer festival at the Vine Bar with Andy and Mark from PRP and Allan Hall from Five & Dangerous on drums. What a great night that was, with loads of great bands. We had no rehearsal but managed to put a pretty decent set together: Never Say Die, 747 Strangers In The Night, NIB, Rocking In The Free World, Mr Crowley, Rosalie, Lights Out, and Doctor Doctor.

So, to the gigs...

Friday 18th September at The Vine Bar in Workington
Always a great night at this venue and considering it was our first outing since January it went very well and the band played great. Support was from our good friends Heartbreak Remedy who put in a great set and got the crowd going - great set of guys!
Thanks to Kath Goodwin & Yvonne Light for the pics from Workington. Please click below for the larger photos. 

Dave Burn

Saturday 19th September at The Asylum 2 in Birmingham

Not the greatest turnout but the people who were there really seemed to enjoy the show and it was wonderful to see familiar faces in the audience. Support was from the fabulous Voodoo Sioux who again played a superb set. Check these guys out, you won't be disappointed!

For both these shows we decided to update the set and add two 'new' songs, Born To Lose and You Don't Fool Me both from UFO's Obsession album. Although challenging, these are excellent additions to the set and I love playing them and I believe there is video footage of both are online somewhere in the ether! Thanks to Rich Ward for the Asylum pics - click on the snapshots below for the larger photos.

Dave Burn

So, next up, I'm doing some recording for a couple of people, can't say much at the minute until things are more solid but it's going well and I'm writing and recording for my next album which may have a couple of surprises in it. I've already got the title and the artwork, which as usual is stunning, is 90% there.

As for PRP, well, it's purely down to Paul's other band... UFO. So as soon as they are off the road we'll be getting on the road!

Well I think that's about it for now other than to thank my band mates, Paul Raymond, Andy Dodds, Tony Steel and Mark Coles for being a such great musicians but more importantly great friends, I love being on and off stage with these guys. To Helen and Robb (our tech) who do a fantastic job behind the scenes so we appear to know what we're doing. Cheers for now & Keep on Rockin!

30th January 2015

Hi all, well it's less than a week since we wrapped up the Paul Raymond Project mini UK tour but I'm still buzzing. We did it and it went very well. Thanks for all the feedback - it's been quite amazing! 

I'd like to thank everyone involved with the PRP tour... all our support bands who were all top notch, great people, and got the crowds going at each gig, not a bad set out of any of you! - BombshellHammerheadHeartbreak RemedyRusted Hero and Voodoo Sioux - and to Helen Raymond and Robb Philpotts for keeping it all together.

My awesome band mates Andy DoddsMark Coles, Paul Raymond and Tony Steel... you guys set such a high standard. Thanks for making me work hard to keep up with you!
A huge thank you to Paul, for giving me this unbelievable opportunity and the freedom to express myself the only way I know how, with music.
Finally I'd like to thank everyone who took the time to come and support us. It's nothing without you! And especially all of my friends and my Dad who have never faltered in their support for me over the years. I am the luckiest guy around and I can't wait to do it all again!

A special mention also to Sandra McCallam - and finally, a very special thanks to Kate, Max, Tris and Bronya. So pleased we finally met up, I can't begin to thank you for the last ten years!
If I have missed anyone I apologise, it's all been a bit of a blur…

I'm hoping to do something later in the year with the Paul Raymond Project and also a possible solo tour and maybe another album. 

Until then... keep on rockin!

PRP Tour - January 2015

PRP Tour - January 2015

PRP Tour - January 2015Credit for the photos above go to Gordon Armstrong (pics 1 and 2) and to Brian Morris for pic 3.


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